Rodney Wood
Sr. Vice Commander - Air Force


I joined the Air Force in December 1990.  My job in the Air Force was a Loadmaster on C-130’s from 1991-Dec 2011.  I have had the great opportunity to serve in several conflicts throughout my 21 yrs of service.  My initial VFW qualification was Operation Joint Endeavor, Bosnia 1995. I have served in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  I also spent many of days in Southwest Asia in support of the Iraq no fly zone. 


I joined the VFW in 1999 and I was an annual member until 2015 when I got my Lifetime Membership. I moved my membership to Beebe in 2013 to become more active in the VFW.  Shortly after arriving at Post 7769 I was voted onto the House Committee followed by Quartermaster the next year.  Since being elected Department Surgeon I have had the privilege to represent our members plus work with the greatest team in the VFW.      

I have had the honor to hold the following positions inside the VFW.

2021-2022 Department Surgeon

2019-2022 Fred A. Harrell Post 7769 All-American Commander

2020-2021 District 5 All-American Commander

2019-2020 District 5 Jr Vice Commander

2014-2016 Fred A. Harrell Post 7769 All-American Quartermaster